Protect, preserve… live ! Exhibition: Our ancestors’ furniture and carpentry workshop of Anton Kosmač

30. September 2020

Protect, preserve… live ! Exhibition: Our ancestors' furniture anf carpentry workshop of Anton Kosmač

Where (place):
Arts and Crafts Centre DUO Škofja Loka, Mestni trg 34, 4220 Škofja Loka

Anton Kosmač is the most recent member of the DUO OOZ Škofja Loka Section, which resides in our center, and this particular exhibition is his first solo one. We think it is important that our RC DUO is a space where we can present quality craftsmen who responsibly protect and preserve the heritage of our ancestors, and at the same time constantly upgrade and place it in modern times.

The exhibition is on view at the DUO Škofja Loka Arts & Crafts Centre until 24.10.2020.


Anton Kosmač has been engaged in handicraft carpentry in his carpentry workshop in the Poljanska velley for almost 20 years now. On the one hand, he creates replicas of traditional pieces of furniture such as kneaders, cradles, chests, marigolds, solid tables and other furniture from past periods, and on the other hand he also makes modern pieces of furniture from solid wood. Exceptional sophistication, precision and usability are reflected in the high quality of its products.

Each product created in the workshop is unique, made to order and from the best pieces of wood. The products are designed by the beauty of the natural material and many details in wood, and a special character is added to its products by wooden classic carpentry ties, with which it preserves the knowledge of our ancestors and the heritage of master carpenters. With the help of traditional carpentry techniques, Tone also makes modern furniture for modern homes.

The umbrella theme of this year’s European Cultural Heritage Days under the slogan Meet? Protect, preserve! addresses the importance of transmitting knowledge about heritage and highlights education about it as a lifelong category. The most effective way to learn, however, is to learn through working and creating with your own hands. Heritage is not and should not only be a thing of the past, but we must live it and involve it in everyday life. The exhibition Protect, Preserve,.. Live! – Furniture of Our Ancestors and the carpentry workshop of Anton Kosmač shows just that and connects the past with the present.


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