DREVESA POTUJEJO?! Razstava izdelkov iz invazivnih tujerodnih in domačih prezrtih vrst lesa

Date of the event:
15. 02. 2022

Where (place):
Rokodelski center DUO Škofja Loka

TREES TRAVELL?! Exhibition of products made out of non-native and overlooked types of wood.

Invasive non-native tree species. To use their wood or not?
Overlooked native tree species. Are they appropriate to use?

The exhibition rounds up the research and creative process of students of the Secondary school of wood engineering, which is a part of the School center Škofja Loka. Students participated in a project ALPTREES in which they tried answering some dilemmas connected to invasive non-native wood species and uses of overlooked native species.
It was the first independent project for third-year students. Learning about non-native wood went hand in hand with planning and development of wood products. The most common ones are Robinia pseudoacacia, Quercus rubra, Acer negundo and Fraxinus. At the same time, students learned about native trees which are frequently overlooked when creating wood products. They were discovering characteristics of Betula pendula, Prunus avium, Pinus sylvestris, and Alnus glutinosa.
The starting point of the exhibition is much broader than the use-value of wood. When creating products, students thought about current challenges which at first glance don’t have anything to do with non-native invasive tree species. Thinking about migrations, life cycle (of an individual and a product), climate changes, sustainability, and, a healthy living environment.

Each product carries its own unique story, just as the tree it was made of did. The exhibition as a whole encourages everyone to think about the meaning of wood as a material in Slovenia. It carries a message of the importance of cooperation among experts and youth, connecting theory with practical experience, creativity, and the meaning of the educational process.

The exhibition will be open until the 25th of March 2022. Welcome!

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Read more about individual products here.

ALPTREES project is confounded from transnational program Interreg V-B area of the Alps from European Regional Development Fund. More about the project ALPTREES.

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