Urban exhibition “10 years of Arts & Crafts Centre of Škofja Loka”

15. July 2021

1 Arts and Crafts Centre of Škofja Loka

10 years

100 handicraft exhibitions

100,000 visitors

Immeasurable number of acquaintances, synergies and endless handicraft stories


Exhibition on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Arts and Crafts Centre Škofja Loka

City Square, July 1, 2021-August 31, 2021


Craftsmen and artisans have always been connected. As early as the 14th century, urban craftsmen in particular became involved in associations and guilds with the aim of protecting market benefits, quality control, education, professionalism of craftsmen and mutual support of members. Today, artisans connect in the OOZ Škofja Loka Craftsmen Section and the Arts and Craft Centre Škofja Loka.

The exhibition tells the story of the personal attitude towards handicrafts told by individual masters and bearers of intangible cultural heritage. In their work, artisans derive primarily from the inner need to create and express themselves and cultivate an extremely intimate attitude towards their work.

We are proud and grateful to be able to work with each of them and to work together to enrich our living environment. Thank you all!


Photos at the exhibition: Katja Jemec

Texts: Kati Sekirnik and Gaja Panjtar

Exhibition design: Lili Panjtar, Lila Studio

Printing: Križaj Design

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