[BIEN2021] Textile installation Forest

03. June 2021

The Contemporary textile hub Kreativnice exhibits two textile works in Radovljica at the BIEN2021 Textile Art Biennial.

The textile installation Forest is on display in the yard of Šivčeva hiša.

The exhibition is open until August 14, 2021.

FOREST, 2021

Contemporary textile hub Kreativnice:
Nina Vastl Štefe, Anja Musek, Lili Panjtar, Silva Horvat, Ladka Peneš

Dimensions: 450×250 cm

Materials: spun and carded wool, linen, cotton

FOREST bears the importance of individuals and their role in the community. Just as a single tree plays an important role in communication, coexistence and the formation of forest networks and ecosystems, each individual human plays an important role within the community in which he or she lives. Open communication, mutual support, friendship, exchange, compassion and solidarity, sustainable attitude and responsible action are not self-evident, but are key contribution to survival. FOREST urges us to watch, observe, perceive and activates us. Just as a forest connects individual trees into a community, the FOREST connects five authors and five creative worlds. The mosaic interweaving connects different natural materials and different textile techniques including weaving, felting, quilting, printing, natural dyeing, spinning and crocheting. The art installation joins various artists working in the Contemporary textile hub Kreativnice.
The process of co-creation was born from the need to create their own space, finding synergies between the authors and exchange creative practices. The textile installation aims to convey the story of sustainability, a responsible attitude towards the natural and social environment and the use of natural materials. Through several months of creation a new, fresh, spring FOREST has been created. On other exhibitions and displays it will meet visitors’ touches, various weather conditions, natural and artificial light and other influences from the environment that will change it throughout its life. In this way, the FOREST will develop its story, tell about its history and previous stops, its experiences and enrich itself with them. Just as each of us changes, grows and ages along the way, gaining experiences that make us alive.

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