Anja Musek’s exhibition, AMUSE

4th May – 5th June 2021

Anja Musek is a landscape architect who used to work as a spatial planner. She began her handicraft career in our Arts & Crafts Centre, where she made first contact with wool on one of our wet-felting classes which changed her life.

She embarked on a professional handicraft journey in 2014, when she obtained the Art & Craft of Slovenia Handicraft certificate for her products and opened her AMUSE studio. Wool fibers with endless possibilities of creation are the starting point for Anja . Her products are characterized by minimalism and interweaving of various natural materials that form organic structures. Combining wool and other natural materials such as silk, linen, hemp, cotton, nettle… creates unique fashion products such as clothes, scarves, bags, slippers and jewelry and home products such as pillows, dishes, felted soaps and woolen wall-art.

By creating in the thousands of years old wet-felting technique, which is the oldest technique of making textiles, Anja connects the past and the present. She creates in her AMUSE studio on Cankarjev trg, in the immediate vicinity of the last Škofja Loka hat workshop of master Tavčar and the former Šešir hat factory. The studio thus preserves the rich heritage of felting, which has significantly marked the space, while, at the same time, introducing modernity, the freshness of minimalist design and the development of this thousands of years old handicraft technique.

Wool fibers impress Anja mainly because of the simple intertwining of them during the felting process. They can then form complex products and enable the seamless production of clothing, three-dimensional objects and sculptures. The properties of wool are also exceptional. It is a good insulator, as it protects against the cold in winter and heat in summer. It is antibacterial and does not cause allergies, has strong protection against UV rays, repels dirt and grease. In addition, as a natural material, it is biodegradable and non-flammable.

With her in-depth work striving for perfection, Anja makes an important contribution to the strong handicraft community in Škofja Loka, and she also seeks inspiration for her work in the city and in the stories of its streets: “Škofja Loka inspires me every day with its rich history. It inspires me to create unique felted products, the same as it inspired hatters and other master craftsmen who have lived in this beautiful town for the last thousand years ”. She also transfers her knowledge by carrying out various felting courses and thus takes care of the popularization and spread of once strongly present hat-making craft.

You are welcome to come see the exhibition and to follow the announcements of the accompanying events!

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