Community and textile, vol.2: Common Table

Pisana Loka
FB: @PisanaLokaFestival

Kreativnice are organising two events under a name Society and textile

Society and textile, vol.2: Joint table

Community picnic at Spodnji trg, in front of Kašča building

21. 8. 2021 at 6 pm

We’re inviting you to join our Community table on Saturday evening. Kreativnice are setting the table and visitors bring some of their favourite dishes. We’ll take care of drinks, bring your own cup. Invite your neighbours, friends and dear ones. See you!

Next to the outdoor exhibition we’re organising a community event at Spodnji trg, which has always been removed from active revival of old city centre. We’re planning a Community table for all living at Spodnji trg and for everyone else who’d like to join. We’ll spend time together in a lovely ambient, we’re asking everyone joining to bring their culinary contribution. More:  FB dogodku.

Photos by Anja Strojan in Kreativnice

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